PIGEONS AND PLANES - Flying Lotus has scored a film executive produced by Shia LaBeouf

Flying Lotus continues to dabble in cinema.

Following his work on Rick Rubin’s Star Wars-inspired album Star Wars Headspace last month, it’s been revealed that he produced a score for a film called LoveTrue, executive produced by Shia LaBeouf.

LoveTrue will make its premiere at the Tribeca Film festival in April. The trailer hasn’t been released yet, but from the limited information available, it sounds like a good one. Asking questions about the origin of “true love,” the Alma Har’el-directed film makes use of civilians to re-enact younger versions of themselves in a unique style that blurs the lines of traditional documentary storytelling.

Of course, the moment when FlyLo and LaBeouf’s imaginations collide should be pretty crazy as well. Read a plot synopsis from LoveTrue’s IMDB page and check out a few screengrabs from the film below.

“Love True pushes the documentary genre further into new realms as it looks into the opposing realities of the “True Love” fantasy. Does our view of love change as we grow older? How do we make decisions about our love lives? Is there such a thing as true love? Are there invisible partners in our relationships? Past ghosts of ourselves? The film’s reenactments of significant past experiences and glimpses at possible futures, created with non-actors playing the characters’ older and younger selves, encourage the couples to confront the realities of their hopes and memories, and the effect they have on their love lives.”

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